To disseminate research in Child Welfare, Rural Development and Environment  


Consultancy Services

  • Child and Youth Welfare,
  • Rural India and
  • Environmental Issues 

Project Work

Preparation of Research Reports

Creation of Databases

Organization of Seminars/Conferences/Meetings etc.





We are constantly engaged in creation and maintenance of  databases on appropriate rural and environmental technologies.  We can recommend a suitable product or technology to match your requirements.  Our recommendations are based on environmental concerns and sound research.  The database contains useful details e.g.:

  1. The address of the Producer/Manufacturer
  2. Web address, if any
  3. Description of the Product
  4. Price Details
  5. Environmental Benefits
  6. Other relevant information.

If the product or technology is commensurate with your requirements and you would like to purchase it or donate it to individuals, villages or towns and NGOs and other agencies of your interest and choice, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details: