To disseminate research in Child Welfare, Rural Development and Environment  


1. How IND Solutions is different from others?

IND Solutions has a dedicated team of individuals who have a passion to see the emergence of India as a developed nation.  We fairly believe that this cannot be achieved unless the gap in research areas especially in the field of child and youth welfare, rural transformation and environment protection is bridged.  We aim to achieve this by providing individuals, NGOs and other agencies with access to latest trends in global research.

2. What services IND Solutions can provide us in the area of rural India and environment?

IND Solutions is engaged in research activities to identify latest developments in the field of rural development and environment protection.  The main objective of the research and survey is to identify environmental friendly products and technologies that are suitable for people living in rural areas in particular.  The next step is to recommend these products to various stakeholders viz. individuals, villages, NGOs and others.  The examples of these environmental friendly products and technologies relate to  rural housing, water & energy conservation, rainwater harvesting, sanitation, rural products, building technologies on rural townships, landscaping, horticulture, etc.

3. How can I buy these products?

You can buy these products directly from the distributors/producers from a comprehensive list prepared and recommended by IND Solutions.  Alternatively you can route your queries through us and we can try to negotiate a better price for you.  Please send us an email on:

4. I would like to buy such products and donate it to individuals, NGOs and other agencies?

We can connect you to such individuals, NGOs and others since we maintain a directory of NGOs working in India.  You can also use our volunteer services in delivering such products to individuals and agencies of your choice or you can deliver the products directly to them.

5. How can I ensure that such donations have ultimately reached the individuals and agencies of my choice?

We can provide you with contact details so that you can follow-up with the concerned persons and agencies and verify that products have been delivered.  We will also acknowledge your contribution in our publications/website.  We welcome any suggestions in this regard.

6. We are an NGO based in India and would like to know how IND Solutions can help us?

First of all, IND Solutions would be keen to understand your requirements.  Our areas of expertise is in the field of preparation of project and research reports, creation of databases, organization of seminars/conferences/meetings etc.  If you would like our assistance in preparation of project report of any kind which would make it easier for you to access government and other funding opportunities to continue your activities, we would be happy to assist. If you are an agency or NGO dedicated to a noble cause, we will provide you consultancy services at no cost.

7. How can I have access to IND Solutions publications?

For subscribing to any of our publications, please send us an email

8. I would like to associate with the activities of IND Solutions.  How can I do that?

We welcome participation from everyone in our endeavours.  The best method to help us is by becoming Ind Reporter.  If you volunteer to become Ind Reporter, you can send us report on interesting and inspiring stories on child and youth welfare, rural India and environmental issues.  Our team will review your submission and make a decision to incorporate your stories/news reports in our future publications.  We will duly acknowledge your contribution in our publications.  You are free to send us pictures and videos in respect of your story.

9. How can I contribute to IND Solutions publications?

One method of contributing articles/papers is to be become IND Reporter.  Alternatively, if you are a student, researcher and an expert in the field of child and youth welfare, rural issues and environmental protection, you are invited to contribute your papers to our publications.  We invite experts and renowned authors to join our team as members of the editorial team and/or referees.  However, our team reserves the right of selection.