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What is EnergyNet?

The power of telecommunications, the creativity of students and teachers, and the support of business and government have been combined to create a new vision for our educational system. EnergyNet is an engaged learning program that integrates technology, standards-based learning and workplace skills. Created and managed by Educational Dividends, EnergyNet projects include:

Elementary Students:
  • Energy Detectives
Middle and High School Students:
  • Home Energy Makeover
  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Engineers
  • Community Energy Consultants


To incorporate technology into learning about energy. To make students familiar with a web resource for energy topics.




The U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration (EIA) hosts a student-friendly website with a variety of information and activities about energy ( NEED assists EIA with web content. The Energy Kidís Page consists of several main categories: Energy Facts, Fun and Games, Energy History, Classroom Activities, Related Links, and a Glossary. This teacher guide provides extension activities for using the Energy Kidís Page as a resource to incorporate technology use in your classroom.

Grade Level

Each activity has suggested age levels, from Primary to Secondary students.


Each activity has its own material requirements, but the majority simply require the students to have time using computers with internet access.

Energy Quest is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission. It debuted on the World Wide Web on October 1, 1995, to celebrate October as National Energy Awareness Month!

Energy is an integral part of our daily lives. Without energy our society would decay into pre-historic savagery. Teaching an "energy ethic" to conserve finite resources is essential to our energy future, which is currently dependent on fossil fuels. We also must rely on our youth to help us create new ways to harness the elemental forces of our planet and the universe. They are tomorrow's scientists and inventors. They will discover new means of energy production and innovative ways to use less energy. We hope Energy Quest will answer their questions and spur creativity and imagination.